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Charla Informativa de la Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

La revista The Economist ha colocado a esta Universidad en el 2 lugar de las mejores programas de MBA del mundo. Hoy tenés la oportunidad de conocer su propuesta en una charla que ofrecerán en el Sheraton Montevideo a la hora 19:00.

Información adicional (en inglés) haciendo click en Leer más
Come find out why The Economist just named Tuck the #2 best MBA program in the world.

MBA information session
Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm
Sheraton Montevideo Hotel (Victor Soliño 349, Punta Carretas, 25th floor)

The presentation will be in English and will be about an hour. We will have Tuck alumni there as well to answer questions.

Why consider a Tuck MBA?

Surrounded by Excellence
You will be surrounded by smart, accomplished people at Tuck. Our faculty are acknowledged leaders in their disciplines, among academic peers and practitioners. Our students have distinguished themselves through academic achievement, professional advancement, and uncommon interpersonal skills. You have probably never experienced anything like this.

General Management Foundation
The foundation of Tuck's curriculum is rigorous, comprehensive, integrated training in general management during the first year. Generations of our graduates have demonstrated that mastery of cross-functional skills within an organization is essential to success at every level and in every area of business specialization.

Face-to-Face Education
Tuck students have unparalleled access to their teachers. Not only is our student-to-faculty ratio low, but our professors are committed to your success and make themselves available beyond the classroom. As members of our engaged community, our faculty are approachable as mentors and, sometimes, even as friends. The majority of our courses are taught by our full-time faculty, which means you'll learn directly from the best.

Individual Attention
We value our students as individuals, together representing the diversity of the whole world. And we expect from each of them a unique contribution to Tuck and the world. We are fortunate to have the scale and resources to give personalized attention to each student's education and aspiration.

Community Learning
Tuck is well known for fostering a close-knit community. This is not merely a feel-good exercise but a conscious strategy to build and refine the values of collaboration, support, and respect. These are values of the heart that unite with skills of the mind to make leaders great.

Residential, 24/7 Program
Our students are present on campus for a large proportion of their two years at Tuck. More than half live on campus during their first year, and the remainder live close by. This allows us to offer an array of educational experiences outside of the classroom in an environment where learning can happen anywhere, at any time.

Leadership Development
Leadership development is a material part of the Tuck curriculum that moves beyond typical case studies. Through coursework, assessments, workshops, and other activities, we help students become aware of their strengths then utilize them to lead in a variety of situations. Our goal is to ensure that every Tuck graduate can rise to the responsibility of leadership.

Alumni Network
Our alumni are unanimous that one of the best things about Tuck is the continuing connection to it for a lifetime. This isn't just about making friends or being part of a big-number network. Tuck truly continues as a force in the lives of graduates, with obvious benefits for current students. Pick up the phone, call a graduate, and find out for yourself.

A Great Place to Go to School
If you haven't seen Tuck, Dartmouth, and Hanover for yourself, you need to visit us. This is a beautiful place to live, an exciting place to have fun, and, most importantly, the perfect place to concentrate on learning and focus on your future.

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